Public Expose 2021

In accordance with the mandate of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) through the Decree of the Board of Directors of the Jakarta Stock Exchange Number: Kep-306/BEJ/07-2014 Concerning Rule Number IE Regarding Obligations to Submit Information, Point V Regarding Obligations of Public Expose, the Company held a Public Expose event. Expose) which is delivered directly by the Board of Directors.

Public Expose presentations covering the vision and mission, company history, business activities, financial performance, commissioners and directors, branch offices and shareholder structure delivered by Mr. Andi Harjono as Director of PT Verena Multi Finance Tbk. The Public Expose will be held on December 22, 2021 at Hall B, 4th floor of Bank Panin Building, Jakarta. Public Expose is held by always prioritizing Health Protocols.

Basic Risk Management Training Program

Jakarta, December 15, 2021 - PT Verena Multi Finance Tbk, represented by the Verena Learning Center (VLC) again conducted a training program aimed to improve the basic understanding of risk management for employees at the managerial level with the theme Basic Risk Management Training Program. This training program was conducted online and guided by Mr. Dodi Kurniawan from the VLC Department, which begins with an opening remarks from Mr. Konosuke Mizuta as the President Director of PT Verena Multi Finance Tbk.

This training program is a collaboration with PaninBank that the speaker, Mr Antoni, is the Head of the Risk Management Bureau of PaninBank. The training was started with the basic understanding of Risk Management then followed by the Introduction to Risk Management and Risk Controlled Self Assessment.

The participations of this training were very enthusiastic hearing the presentation even though the training used the video conference media platform. After all questions were intelligently answered by Mr Antoni, the training was ended at 5 pm. The Management highly hopes that the training will benefit for all participants to have a risk self-awareness in the daily working activities. Risk Management and Internal Audit Team will continue the implementation of this training for all employees.

PT Verena Multi Finance in collaboration with PT MNC Life Assurance

Wednesday, 15 December 2021 - PT Verena Multi Finance Tbk officially signed a cooperation agreement with PT MNC Life Assurance at the MNC Financial Center (MNC Life Assurance) Kebon Sirih Building, Central Jakarta. The signing of the agreement between Mr. Konosuke Mizuta as President Director of PT Verena Multi Finance Tbk and Mrs. Febriyani Sjofjan Yahya as President Director of PT MNC Life Assurance. The signing of this collaboration confirms MNC Life Assurance`s commitment to consistently provide support for the business development of partners, including financing companies (leasing) that are active in the Motor Vehicle market.

Mrs. Febriyani Sjofjan Yahya said, “We want to start a new business journey that has prospects and results for both parties, where Verena Multi Finance and MNC Life Assurance collaborate in this market even more closely. We are committed to providing support that is not only limited to products and focuses on marketing only, but more than that.” Mrs. Febriyani also emphasized "Through this collaboration, we want to reaffirm our commitment as a long-term partner of Verena Multi Finance, that whatever we do, our focus is to provide support to develop their business". Red(DAN/XII/15-21-ed)

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