Gave Parcels

December 9, 2014
Christmas Celebration

On December 9th, 2014, on the celebration and fellowship of Christmas, the Company gave parcels to staffs. This event was held to show care for others, especially for the staffs who has been working and dedicating to the Company.

Blood Donation

September 23, 2014
Company Anniversary

On September 23rd, 2014 in the event of the Company’s anniversary, the Company, collaborating with The Red Cross of Indonesia in North Jakarta, held a social blood donor event. The increasing blood demand must be balanced by sufficient blood supply. Therefore the company gives concern to participate in blood donor for public.


September 18, 2014
SMK Jaya, Jakarta

The Company understands that the improvement of the young generation competence should be a special concern for the economic development and growth in the future. Education is an element that can improve the society standard of living which can stimulate the economic growth in the future. Therefore, to show the Company’s concern towards the education of the young generation. On September 18th 2014, the Company donate one unit of car to be used in practical learning of students at SMK Jaya in North Jakarta.

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