Code of Ethics

As a guideline of the company in running the company’s business activities in accordance with the principles of Good Corporate Governance, the Company has a code of ethics that applies to all organs in the Company.

Regulation about Codes of Conducts are specially stated in the decree of the Board Commissioners No. HRD-001/SK-PK/XI/05 dated on January 1st, 2006 about Business Codes of Conducts and Working Ethics of PT Verena Multi Finance Tbk which stated:

  1. Communication line
  2. Main responsibilities of employees
  3. Security of the Company’s assets
  4. Relationship with suppliers, customers, and partners.
  5. Interaction with the Government
  6. Appliances of Code of Conducts on each activities done by employees
  7. Sanction for any violence of Code of Conducts

The provision of this Codes of Conducts application is binding for all Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and all employees

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