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Company Overview

PT Verena Multi Finance Tbk started consumer finance business for new and used car in 2003. At that time, the founders of Verena had a belief that the automotive financing market will grow very large and are committed to grow Verena becoming one of the leading finance company in Indonesia. Realizing that automotive financing portfolio grew significantly, Verena needed to diversify its financing portfolio to balance the risks. After a careful thought and had the support of shareholders, Verena management decided to enter financial lease business for heavy equipment and machinery. This decision was based on proven durability of small - medium Indonesian companies in facing multiple economy crises, both domestically and globally. In addition, stable Indonesia’s economic growth and high demand of commodity stimulates the demand for  heavy equipment from local businesses in the sectors of mining, plantations, and forestry as well as infrastructure construction.

In almost 13 years of establishment, Verena has built up expertise in the business of consumer finance as well as financial leases that taken into account by its competitors. These expertises are the result of hard work of all management and employees of Verena in creating company image of EASY in applying  the financing, FAST in servicing the customers and business partners, as well as SAFE in keeping the financing collaterals. Verena is always trying to expand its network at strategic locations that have a healthy economic growth and growing industries. Prudent principle, competent human resources, close relationships with business partners, quality customer services, updated and appropriate information technology, as well as solid management cooperation and the hard work of all employees to continuously improve their performances to enable Verena to be ready for future challenges, moving forward to continuing to achieve a healthy and sustainable growth.

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